Adding your debug code inline returned the following:

debug: scripts\data\AutoID.ini 2 //write -l1 scripts\data\AutoID.ini 2*#Outlawz*MircScripts

Basically the 2 = Checked Box (active) * #Outlawz = Channel to join on connect * MircScripts = Network connecting to

the 2 should change to a 1 if I uncheck the channel #Outlawz to join on the network MircScripts but whenever I close the Close button on the dialog the error occurs and the 2 (checked/active) in the file does not change to a 1 (unchecked/inactive)

The close button is number 6. When clicked it should check the options for checked/unchecked boxes and if unchecked set value 2 to 1 (inactive) and if checked set 1 to 2 (active) which enables that nickname to be identified to that network on connect.

on *:dialog:autos:sclick:6: {
conf Autos Join $iif($did($dname,3).state = 1,on,off)
conf Autos Identify $iif($did($dname,9).state = 1,on,off)
conf Autos IDEvent $iif($did($dname,13).sel = 1,connect,notice)
set %_i 2
filter -k $_doc(AutoJoin) find_cboxaj
set %_i 2
filter -k $_doc(AutoID) find_cboxai
unset %_i