The frequency that a multimedia timer gets called - has an impact on the ability to have good performance in mIRC-scripted games.

This script shows the number of times a -h timer can be called per second. It is wildly fluctuating from one mIRC session to another, regardless of the same version, and regardless whether /remote is on|off. I've run this alias in versions from 7.55 through 7.62, and the results within each version fluctuates all the way from 65-per-second to 240-per-second. After running /testtimer, I can "/exit -nr" to restart the client then run the alias again, and the result can sometimes be 65, 115, 160, 200, 240.

Once the results begin showing after a restart, they seem to stay that way as long as the session continues, but the prior results seem to have no bearing on what the results will be after a restart. I even see this with "/remote off" and without connecting to any IRC networks.

For better game-play with some mIRC games, the user would need to keep restarting and running this alias, until the client finally starts up with a higher number, as this is an estimate of how many times a multimedia timer could be called within a 1 seconds interval. The last time I did something similar to this with a game was to change to the same network server as a trivia bot used, so the lag time was shorter.

Note that this timer runs forever until you do: /timertest off

alias testtimer {
  inc %testtimer
  if ($calc($ticks - %testtimerticks) >= 1000) {
    inc %testtimer.count
    inc %testtimer.tot.secs %testtimer
    echo -s total inc per second: %testtimer avg: $calc(%testtimer.tot.secs / %testtimer.count)
    unset %testtimer
    if (!$ctimer) unset %testtimer.count %testtimer.tot.secs
    set %testtimerticks $ticks
  .timertest -ho 1 0 testtimer