Small-Title Size limit strikes again!

Anyways, I am working on a set of scripts aimed at Twitch Streaming, and for those not in the know, the Chat Box is a huge deal over there.

I have a script currently that we'll refer to as the Death Counter. I can influence the counter by saying messages in chat. For example, typing "!death set 40" tells mIRC to update the death counter value in an .ini file somewhere to "40."

However, a counter for death-intensive games where you die a lot in a short amount of time would understandably flood chat.

However however, I can make some third-party tools write text directly to a text file, bypassing the public chat completely, and I wanted to ask you guys if the following idea is possible:

Can I parse a line of text from "Text-Input-Source.txt" as if it was an incoming message from the channel "#Channel-Name-Here"?