Hi Maroon.

Sorry that you didn't got my point what actually i'm looking for. I don't want 3 literal strings only. What I wanted to do is matching by regex as you can see in my code i have added P1 P2 P3 each of the regex is for different type of nick patterns. In the code it was working for variable p1 & p2 (example is below). Whenever i'm adding p3 it starting to trigger for all the nicks. I want it like i will add more variables like p4, p5.


if $regex(%wnick,%p1) || $regex(%wnick,%p2) { .gline $nick +5d reason } working fine
if $regex(%wnick,%p1) || $regex(%wnick,%p2) || $regex(%wnick,%p3) { .gline $nick +5d reason } starting to trigger for all why is that

Appreciate if you can help me to let know in which way I can add like more regex pattern in my code.