If you have my JSON for mIRC script its as simple as:

on *:TEXT:!uptime:#:{
    if ((%flood_uptime) || ($($+(%,flood_uptime_,$nick),2))) {
    set -eu1 %flood_uptime On
    set -eu1 %flood_uptime_ $+ $nick On

    jsonopen -Ud https://decapi.me/twitch/uptime?channel= $+ $chan
    if (!$jsonerror) {
        describe $chan @ $+ $iif($msgtags(display-name).key != $null, @ $+ $v1, $nick) Channel has been live for $json(uptime).HttpBody

3) $bvar(&url,1).text will return ONLY the first character I think, maybe something $bvar(&url,1-300).text will fix it
You can use $bvar(&bvar_name, 1-).text to retrieve the entire contents of a bvar as text

Using urlget as you have it:
ON *:TEXT:!uptime:#: {
  ;; ignore command if:
  ;; global flood protection is enabled
  ;; per-user flood proection is enabled
  ;; an uptime request is currently pending
  if (%flood_uptime || $($+(%, flood_uptime_, $nick), 2) || %uptime_output) {

  ;; !uptime can only be used every 30s
  set -eu30 %flood_uptime On

  ;; !uptime can only be used by the same user every 5minutes
  set -eu300 % $+ flood_uptime_ $+ $nick On

  ;; set output command for web request
  set -e %uptime_output msg $chan /me @ $+ $iif($msgtags(display-name).key !== $nick && $v1 != $null, $v1, $nick)

  noop $urlget(https://decapi.me/twitch/uptime?channel= $+ $chan, gb, &uptime_body, handle_output)

alias -l handle_output {
  if ($bvar(&uptime_body, 1-).text) {
    %uptime_output Channel has been online for $v1
  else {
    %uptime_output channel if offline
  unset %uptime_output

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