This is my first post so please be gentle. smile I looked around at topics that seemed similar but couldn't find anything that seemed on point.

I have been doing a Prog-Rock web radio show for 15+ years and we chat every Saturday night. Someone at the station set up the chatroom before I started there but it has been working fine all this time. Until... last Saturday night. We all started getting this message when trying to connect and eventually it just times out.

* Connect retry #94 irc.starchat.net (6667)
* Unable to resolve server
* Connect retry #95 irc.starchat.net (6669)
* Unable to resolve server ETC.

I don't know if suddenly a server was decommissioned or what happened but I thought that if anyone would know, YOU people would. Even though I've been chatting there all this time I know VERY LITTLE about how all this works so please explain it to me like I'm a 10 year old (with a beard). If I need to set up a new chat room please point me to some documentation that explains how to do it in easy terms.

Thanks in advance for your help!