Some months ago, we got fiber with Gigabit connection, and it seems that Mirc is having trouble utilizing speed above 100Mbit, and also many files recived have error or are simply incomplete, Mirc just stops and even if it doesn´t stop over 50% of the files are corrupt, typical files over 4GB. I´m using Windows 10 v1903, 16GB , Xeon 1245-v3, Intel ET Gigabit dual Network adpter and 1GB SSD Samsung (download HD, windows is also on a separate 1GB SSD), so there shouldn´t be any problems with the hardware, and Mirc is the newest 7.55.
Typically I can get between 17-27Mbytes/s, but mostly at the lower end, I tried to change the network settings, receive buffers, etc, but it didn´t make any great difference, also I would get a lot of errors on archive files, even when they said send successfull, I had to redownload 3-4 times before, I got a file that was error free and sometimes mirc just stopped without any error msg and left me with an incomplete file. Someone in the channel or some other forum (can´t remember), suggested to try another IRC client, and so I did, and it didn´t have any issues, speed went to 33-54Mbytes/s and I haven´t got and incomplete or corrupt files, during the tests I made. I logged on as a different user, used same server and alternated with Mirc, and tested like 10 times each file (all between 4-50GB each) to make sure, it wasn´t a one time fluke, and the server is on a university fiber. I really like Mirc and I find it so much better and easier to use than the alternatives, so maybe the problem is that Mirc is still 32bit ? the 64bit socket and programming will resolve the problem ? I just wanted to bring attension to the problem since, it´s probably not many that have connection speed above 100Mbit, but the problems with corrupt files, maybe someone else also have them at lower speed ?