This is probably not a bug as it has worked this way for so long, I even found a suggestion for it.

I agree mIRC should provide a way to make this easier, but it can be scripted with the $controlat() identifier, which would also be very nice to see, maybe it could even suffice to work around this problem:

alias picwinchat {
  var %x 50,%y 50,%w 300,%h 300
  window -BfdpC @chat -1 -1 400 400
  ;make the window full white
  drawrect -fr @chat 16777215 0 0 0 400 400
  drawrect -r @chat 0 0 %x %y %w %h
  ;we substract 10 to the real width because we will use a 5 pixel margin on both left/right
  var %n $wrap($1-,verdana,10,$calc(%w - 10),1,0)
  ;the margin
  var %xstart %x + 5 ,%ystart %y + 5,%a 1,%pos 0
  while (%a <= %n) {
    drawtext -rp @chat 0 verdana 10 %xstart %ystart %ctrlcode $+ $wrap($1-,verdana,10,$calc(%w - 10),1,%a)
    inc %pos $len($wrap($1-,verdana,10,$calc(%w - 10),1,%a))
    var %ctrlcode $controlat($1-,%pos)
    inc %a
    inc %ystart 20
type "/picwinchat 04,13test this is a very long text ok some more 07,01word please ok this is enough to illustrate the example i think maybe not" to test it out

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