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For one, you have a curly brace instead of a parenthesis.

You're using the wrong syntax inside the if() statement, so it's joining the contents of the variable named %ageCount. with the contents of $nick, then comparing that string with 1.

I fixed the curly brace instead of the parenthesis. Now, no matter what the value is at, it will still repeat the command. Progress. Still not sure what to change to make it so it truly does only work when the variable is less than, greater than or equal to a certain number.

on *:TEXT:how old is dapper:#: {
     var %ageCount = $eval($+(%,ageCount.,$nick),2)
     inc %ageCount. $+ $nick 1
     if ($eval($+(%,ageCount.,$nick) == 1)) {
          msg $chan !age $nick