The event colors are shown in the alt+k window, where you can change which colors happen for different events.

By default, echo messages show in 'own' color, so they do the equivalent of:

//echo -tli2c own $chan $str(long message,30)

If you want a message to use the color for action, substitute 'action' in place of 'own'. (That parameter is valid here only with the -c switch)

If you want part of the message to be in a different color, you can use control codes as described here: /help Control Codes

If you want to put the color for the action event in the middle of a message, you can use $color(action).dd in place of the number you'd otherwise place following the Ctrl+K.

If you press Ctrl+U to place the underline or the other control codes into your message, that can be hard to see in the editor, so you sometimes people using $chr(number) instead of those hotkeys. You can find the correct number to use by putting the Ctrl+U symbol inside $asc() to find the ascii character, and find that the numbers to use can also be:

Ctrl+B -> $chr(2)
Ctrl+U -> $chr(31)
Ctrl+R -> $chr(22)
Ctrl+K -> $chr(3)
Ctrl+I -> $chr(29)
Ctrl+O -> $chr(15)

Edit: I should've said the default echo was 'normal' not 'own'

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