Original script from an old unrealircd 3.2 series..

on $*:text:/(?i)logusers\72\s(\S+).*\100((\S+)\.){2}\w{3}/S:#services:{
if $regml(2) = mibbit. {
msg #opers $regml(1) has connected from a mibbit connection.

We now have a multi-server setup on unrealircd 4 series and the output in #services is <time><ChanServ> USERS:name!ident@hostmask

I'm trying to get the bot to now notifty on any mibbit connects initially for seeing how many we get during a day etc.. and then changing to Tor connects once the script works

I am currently only getting messages when mibbot_stats connects and not from any other mibbit users.

I have edited the top line of script to this so far

on $*:text:/(?i)USERS\72\s(\S+).*\100((\S+)\.){2}\w{3}/S:#services:{

but i dont know where it's wrong

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