Deducting after the /font command, in the next example:

/font Status Window 13 Calibri

the active window meets an unknown font (for me) and if execute //echo -a $window($active).font (where the previous command was executed from) then it returns: Window 13 Calibri that is nonsence!

I know that the command for status must be /font -s 13 Calibri, but let's do another example:

/font Status test 13 Calibri

When executing it on Status Window the $window($active).font returns test 13 Calibri, however $window($active).fontsize returns 12, $window($active).fontbold and $window($active).fontitalic return $false; $window($active).fontcs returns 1.

The same is for other windows also if it used instead of "Status" the name of the window.

I think the /font command must be restricted to be used in inappropriate syntax.