thank you so much, this fixed the issues with both smile

i have 2 more questions regarding the open/close list commands and the listdel commands.

1. the !open/!close commands don't seem to be working on the twitch channel itself. i'm wondering if i made a mistake somewhere, but when i type !open or !close, there's no response on the twitch channel for those commands. however, typing just "/listopen" and "/listclose" into the mIRC channel does work and it opens/closes the list, so it's not too big a deal if i can't get the commands working on the twitch channel alone, i'll just have to remember to open and close it from mIRC.

2. for the !listdel command, could there be a simpler way for people to remove themselves from the list? for example, typing just "!leave" and they wouldn't have to add their usernames to it?

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