So I have a couple commands I use A LOT, and I was thinking, what if I could bind these commands to a dialog button? Make a couple radios, a couple checks, etc., have some general fun with mIRC and my Twitch channel.

My problem: I have no idea how to use /dialog, or how to put it into a .ini for script usage.

Would someone be willing to copy/paste a functional dialog script so I may dissect it to figure out how it works? Wikichip speaks in riddles and Google isn't pointing in the right spots(recommended software is no longer supported, outdated forums, etc.)

Also, everywhere I looked that had to do with both mIRC and Dialog Makers, there was no clear consensus on what I should actually DO. If you guys think I'd be better off with a Dialog Maker instead of fiddling around with scripts to make my own, please recommend what you would use to make a dialog.