Okay, so as you might've noticed I have no clue about this stuff, although I slowly start to understand everything.

F.ex. I'm now using on:join: instead of on:text:*.
The problem still persists though, one thing that i guess would be possible is to post a message on join, then every 5 seconds it'll post the song name, but only if the song name is different than the one that got posted before... Would something like that be possible?

There's also a song rating system and the amount of times the song was played that I want to put into this message, (i.e. someone rates the song for 1, someone else for 3 and then the bot says "Average:2" - this one can probably be accomplished by adding a counting command to the bot).

Again, I am glad about any help, even if it's something that might not work or something that gets the job done in a similar way! =)

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