For the Non-Encode Catagory

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are mathematical operations part of the exempt list like a regular expression or a space? specifically =, +, -, *, /, ^ and % ? (equals, add, subtract, multiply, divide, power, modulus)

say: var %a = %b + %c

For the non-encode catagory, mathematical operators ARE fine to use IF they are used for operation purposes:
;; this is fine:
$calc($NativeThing + $NativeThing2)

;;This isn't fine:

Originally Posted By: Talon
Also: what about regsubex with the use of markers, obviously \0 is out of the question because it contains a digit, but does the replacement part also fall into the realm of the exempt list or just the expression itself?
Only the PATTERN portion of a reg/sub/ex is exempt. The replacement text and markers are NOT exempt and must come from a native source

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