Unsure why you think it's preferred, I don't think it's preferred at all, regardless of preference, it's a bug because $isalias does not work like that the rest of the time. $isalias return the first found alias, it shouldn't start returning another alias just because you're inside the on load event, otherwise one could even argu that $isalias() should return $null inside an on unload event if that alias is found in that unloaded file (and assuming no others file has that alias).
Only if the file was loaded and its order changed to be before the file A, it should return the alias in B.

Edit: this was found by westor, who wanted to make sure his alias was not currently in use by others script file, otherwise his script would just not work, so he checks $isalias inside on load and it's returning his own alias, I think this context shows how the behavior is not preferred at all.

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