I am having the same problem. My mIRC worked fine until last week when a truck showed up and I was informed I was getting a "free upgrade" to a higher speed service. The speed is great but I am having all the same problems you are. It is so weird because like you said, if I start talking right away I can stay connected but if not I am disconnected in 15 to 30 seconds from any channel I was on. When I go to close the mIRC it tells me I am still connected to the server. I have tried to get an answer from my ISP which is PLDT or possibly Smart (same company but two different names). It gets really odd because sometimes I can log on and it works great. Right now I'm down but this morning it was fine, same server and all (Undernet) It would not work at all yesterday but the day before it did. For 4 days prior, not at all. I hope we find out what is going on, it has to be something done when we changed service speeds but why some days and not others? I can't believe it is blocked because I live in the most popular chatroom country on earth. If they block the mIRC then they have lost a lot of customers but I haven't found anyone complaining about it specifically. I can't change ISP's as I only have two options and the other sucks for other reasons.