Here I am looking for an asnwer like :
- Your idea is great, we will implement it.
- Hash tables do what most users can deal with (or not) anyway we think that's enough so far.

And that's all.

What are you looking for ? I know it so the question is for you.
What could we say about someone saying that the first normal form of a table is "your feature suggestion saves memory and does nothing else. Your suggestion might still be useful for certain scripts, but its applicability is limited by nature."
The first normal form is something "limited by nature" ... all right mate.
The number of lines required to do it, dependes on the mind who desings it. You approachs are not the only possible ones nor the best ones.
Interesting comment for a forum about Features .... you weren't going to comment bcs you are neutral ... . I am lucky you are neutral ... if I were your worst enemy ... you could have killed me 3 times.

You could have quoted my words. I think this forum provides a quoting functionality, have you heard about it ? . Quoting could have avoided you the need of changing my words in another clear intent of twisting them. Does a moderator need many more reasons for banning you from these forums ?

First thing I said is that my feature suggestion, among other benefits, would make a great memory saving. You read it and then you think the best thing you can do is recommend for me to duplicate items to emulate the feature. Thank you for your already discarded suggestion.

You said (this is quoting, you see? ) :
1 "mIRC would have to build the index itself"
2 "mIRC then basically has three choices"

I have to say that with the first one you are just wrong
About the secong one is basically wrong and preposterously derived from a wrong one. And I would like to say that I was not going to comment about your post bcs I was neutral about your existence on the planet but things went absolutely out of knowledge, logic or whatever expected in a constructive forum.

If someone does not want to see, there's no way of making they see and anyway my life is not for it.

You can continue twisting my words or saying absurdities one after another, your choice, but I will ignore them.