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To see a list of active timers type /timers. To see the setting for timer1 type /timer1. To deactivate timer1 type /timer1 off. To deactivate all timers type /timers off. If you are activating a new timer you do not need to specify the timer number, just use:

/timer 10 20 /ame I am not here!

And mIRC will allocate the first free timer it finds to this command.
Was all I said. You can find all info you've asked for in this channel by simply reading the help files. Here, I'll go out of my way to explain what Sakana posted since you asked what was going on in his code.

You have this code presented:
if ($nick == $remove(#,$chr(35))) { return }

If I don't know what the code would do, I would first type " /help /return " and see that this halts a command.
We know that $nick means the username's nickname
We know that $remove will remove something from a string. Our string in this case is #, which is translated to #CHANNEL.
$chr might be an odd one. " /help $chr " - We now know that it returns an ascii character. The ascii character for number 35 is a hashtag (#).

So it literally translates to this.
$nick = Nillens
# = #Nillens
$chr(35) = #
$remove(#,$chr(35)) = Nillens
if (Nillens == Nillens) { return }

Nillens @ irc.twitch.tv
Nillen @ irc.rizon.net