You're pretty much free to do whatever you want in mIRC's dynamic language, as long as you understand it. You should read the help files of " /help if then else " and " /help on text "

Here are some basic syntaxes for you to follow
on *:text:!test*:#: { 
;Starting with a simple message
msg # $nick initiated a test

;Is the user an op in the channel? Do this
if ($nick isop #) msg # $nick is an op
;Is the user not an op? Do this
else { 
msg # $nick is not an op
msg # Hehe, not even an op *laughs*

;Did the user write something after !test? Do this
if ($2) msg # $nick also mentioned $2- message
;Not? Do this
elseif (!$2) msg # $nick did not mention anything in his message

;Ending with a simple message
msg # K, this has been a simple test brought to you by $me $+ .

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