Hello I downloaded the TurboIRC app for my new Kindle. I was chatting with someone who said it is possible to use chat channels on Kindle so I searched apps and this one has three stars. I have tried all the formats I can think for the registration of this channel (It initially is equipped with like 9 or so but starchat is not one of them), and nothing works -

I have tried Laird.ca.us.starchat.net for the server. It asks for a server. I am in the USA, West Coast.

CAn someone suggest or know how to edit the settings on this app for it to work with starchat? It seems easy enough, asking for server, then another screen entering the channel name.

thanks (now it seems it only goes to the server I created, can't get it to go anywhere else). Anyone used this app or can recommend an app for the novice mIRC user? I use basic scripts on my regular laptop computer. Thanks.