Hey guys,
Keep in mind this is for Twitch.
So i need help with "timers". I've looked around and couldn't really find the same problem i was having somewhere else. Anyways, on my scripts a have, as i like to call them, anti-flooders.
on *:text:!social:#:{
if ((%floodsocial) || ($($+(%,floodsocial.,$nick),2))) { return }
set -u10 %floodsocial On
set -u30 %floodsocial. $+ $nick On
msg $chan /me KIK Me @SBDO07 Follow me on Twitter & Instagram @YanisMT.

So people can't spam the command, well i have other commands that have like hour long antiflooders.. so id like to make an if statement that would tell the person how long they would have to wait before being able to use the command again.

Me: !social
Bot: KIK Me @SBDO07 Follow me on Twitter & Instagram @YanisMT.
Me: !social
Bot: Command is ready to use in 10 seconds.
That type of thing.

Thank you all! laugh