I have made a bot that sets a variable for any admins that talk in chat and deletes itself after a certain time to know when the admin is active or not(a lot of admins go afk in chat and wont respond even being in chat) and the variables work fine. I feel like the way the variables are setup will need to be changed completely. however here is the code I have used

on *:text:*:#:{
  if ($nick isop #) {
    set -u120 %activeadmin. $+ $nick

so I can detect when an admin is online great but I need to list all the variables with %activeadmin. at the beginning so if someone where to type !admins the bot would respond with a short message and all the active admins to alert the admins(the chat turns red when you say their name).
any tips? I really cannot find any to help me with what I am wanting to do.