Thank you Sjoepele .......
I'm not a scripter or anythin, though if I sit down to try n make somethin work, I'd most possibly get it. So with that, not knowin anythin abt the script to start with, I spent like overnite to get it to work, and it works ......... thank you!

Though, it being a nice feature as in giving access to the bot to the channel's ops, I'm in 10 chans and I don't have axs to 4 of them. So all I can do is turn the whole thing off with the "false" comment. So this is now an op's bot, not my bot any longer if I don't have ops in a chan. How do I gain axs to it to have the same commands as what a channel's op has with it? And also I wouldn't just like any op playin around with it etc, I would possibly have something like an "add user" thing/option to the bot so I can have a say as to who does what with it please. Or rather maybe just turning the op's axs to the script off and making the host the true op of the script ...... laugh

Once again ....... nice option, but ..... ummmmmmmm ..... rather not just for any op!

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