Hey, I'm trying to create a script that moves my files from a dir to a subdir.

Basically, I have new files in H:\Anime popping up each day, and I want this script to automatically move them to H:\Anime\Filename, or create a dir if one doesn't exist.
However. When I tried doing this, I noticed that trying to create a dir called "Test 2" or trying to read if $isdir it would never use anything more than the first word.

Help would be appreciated!

Including script and reference picture with echo.
alias FolderSort { 
  var %main H:\Anime
  var %files $findfile(%main,*.mkv,0,0)
  while %files {
    var %file $findfile(%main,*.mkv,%files)
    var %regex /(\[HorribleSubs\] .+ -)/iS
    if ($regex(%file,%regex)) var %file $remove($regml(1),-,[HorribleSubs]) 
    echo -ag %file
    if (!$isdir(%main $+ \ $+ %file)) { 
      echo 3 -ag I had to create a folder for %file in %main $+ .
      mkdir %main $+ \ $+ %file
    dec %files
Originally Posted By: Echo
Tokyo Ghoul
I had to create a folder for Tokyo Ghoul in H:\Anime.
Love Stage!!
I had to create a folder for Love Stage!! in H:\Anime.

As you can see, it created the Tokyo folder when a Tokyo Ghoul folder was already created, and same with the other file. Moving them does not work either, it will not use 2 word filenames either.

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