Sigh. As I said, I already know how to do it in scripting, I'm an experienced scripter. But how are you going to trigger the 'repair' (or reloading the files) command on the start event when all your remote files are unloaded on start because of the crash?

You can't 'start a timer when mirc starts' as you suggest when mirc has unloaded every remote script file, and you can't rely on using any on * events.

You would still need to have them type commands in, or use mircs built in perform to wait until they connect. I'm not looking for a way to do it in scripting, I already know, and it's merely a bandaid, or a 'hack' to get it working.

What sparta suggests with a batch file would technically work, but then you'd have to make a separate executable 'launcher' run everytime you start your irc. That's not necessary, people shouldn't have to make launchers or scripts to keep their settings from being wiped. It's a client issue.


You have people who use your script.

Their computers crash.

They complain that their mirc.ini had been wiped and all your scripts remote files, popups, and aliases are unloaded.

You don't feel like helping everyone this happens to on an individual basis, or telling them to type certain commands.

You can't do anything to repair it unless you bandaid the problem by putting code in the 'perform' code, which won't even trigger until they connect.. and isn't a real solution to the problem.

You have to rely on using a launcher to start mIRC to verify their mirc.ini isn't corrupted, and to restore the most recent backup. which again, shouldn't be necessary.

^- that all shouldn't be necessary, when the application could solve it by itself.

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