what i want to do is have a script that looks at a file and looks to see if it changed. should go kinda like this i think:

if var1 = var2 return
var1 != var2
replace var1 with var2
$!read (C:\users\user\desktop\streamstuff\twitchalerts\log\lastfollower.txt)

where var2 is the current name in the above file, and var one is a previous copy of that name in that file.

if this makes any sense.

so the flow would go like this:
the script first checks that the stored contents of variable 1 is the same as the name currently in the log file,
if it is the same then return to the top and check again.
if it is not equal to the first variable as in the contents of the log file changed, then update variable one with the new name and then post the name found in the file into the chat. after that is done, then return to the top of the if else statement.

this script will be activating by someone typing in to the chat "Followed"

if you need more information let me know