I know about this message, re-read the statement, I said "if the send queue is empty":
alias serv_test { sockclose serv_test | socklisten -p serv_test $iif($1,$1,8000) }
on *:sockread:client_test?*:{
  sockread $sock($sockname).rq &serv_test
  if ($bvar(&serv_test,0)) echo -a $v1 bytes $bvar(&serv_test,1-4000).text
on *:socklisten:serv_test:sockaccept client_test $+ $calc($sock(client_test*,0) +1)
alias client_test { sockclose client_test | sockopen client_test $iif($1,$1,8000) }
Use this, type "//serv_test | client_test" and then type "//bset &a 80000 0 | sockwrite client_test &a", now compare with "//bset &a 16384 0 | sockwrite client_test &a | sockwrite -n client_test"

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