I already said that I was using a script, which was the problem because I don't want to reload the script manually, that's why I asked for an automaticly <----- option for this. Not a manually. But thanks tho.

@DJ_Sol and RoCk

Both options didn't help. Maybe I didn't explain well, I'll try better now:

I'm running a mirc bot, which has scripts loaded (doh). Because it's on an other PC, I'm editing the scripts by FTP.

So, I connect to it's ftp server and edit a file and then save it. Now the script has been edited, but needs to be reloaded to make the changes work.

Let's say the script first had a !command which replied with 'hello!'. I've edited the 'hello!' to 'hello $nick $+ !'.

When saving the file (by FTP!) I want it to reload automaticly in mIRC, because when I've saved it and using !command it'll still shout 'hello!'.

So actuallly I'm looking for an mIRC option that reloads and loaded mIRC script when edited, without doing ANYTHING.

Maybe this explanation was better? If it wasn't clear enough tho.

--- EDIT ----
@Masoud; .load -rs is quite double, reload will work as well :P

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