Actually, showing the list after disconnecting is arguably silly *ONLY* if there are zero channels. You *WANT* to show the channel list if you get disconnected in the middle of a list, specifically because you don't want to lose the data you had before you got disconnected.

Realize that cancelling a /list does not equal throwing away all the data you received up until the cancellation. Users might quit *because* a list is taking too long, in order to stop listing and use what they already have. Servers might also disconnect you in the middle of a LIST because your SENDQ exceeds a certain limit-- which may or may not happen after data has been sent. Both of these scenarios have data to display in the list window.

The only possibility is that zero channels display *and* you quit. Again, it's arguable whether this is "silly". The absence of data is in itself useful data. Personally, if no channels display during a list, and I disconnect, I'd still want to see that for myself. The message "* /list: channel list cancelled due to user disconnect." makes it ambiguous whether or not there was data to view. "* /list: disconnected before receiving any data" might be better, but you could just as easily illustrate that by showing the empty window. They are effectively equivalent behaviours. I see nothing "silly" about that.

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