It woould appear to be that the mirc.ini doesn't update. installed it as portable with the Settings.ini unchecked.

My md5: 79fabe4c133262df9b15b78ad1730362

What I did:
1) downloaded v7.15
2) shutdown mIRC v7.14
3) Ran the mIRC 7.15 setup.exe
4) clicked next on the screen that recommends closing all programs before installation
5) Agree to terms
6) Choose my folder(The folder my v7.14.exe is in)
7) Clicked yes, when the msgbox appears telling me the folder exists
8) Unchecked everything but "Text Files" and "Help Files" then clicked "next"
9) Unchecked everything but "Run as portable application" and clicked next.
10) Clicked next again.
11) Clicked the "Do not install..." radio button when the ad appears.
12) Then clicked install
13) Once install is finished, I check "run" and click "done"
14) Once mIRC loads, $version = 7.14

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