It's a wonderful thing that Mr. Mardam-Bey has finally implemented UPnP into mIRC. I just checked out v7.1 the other night, and was positively surprised. However, some things still seem a bit confusing. Now check this out, when I eg. CHAT/SEND to another user, as he or she accepts eg. a CHAT request, the CHAT window is indeed established. However, the very instant I type the send my first line of chat through it, the connection suddenly drops. At DCC/SEND, same thing. At one time, I managed to send a couple of kilobytes, but then it got terminated. Weird thing, huh?! It's not an issue with my locally resolved ip/host, because they are correct. Also, I tried disabling UPnP and insetad enter a couple of manually forwarded ports. Now DCC worked correctly. So, there's obviously something. For the record, I'm on a D-Link DIR-615 router. UPnP works fine with other applications. Too bad there isn't much of "debug mode" in mIRC, or I could have sent more specific logs.