Well I am still having issues on this guys. What I'm doing is having it send by dde. My external app sends it out as this

/scid 1 msg $chr(35) Testing here

But I still get the No such nick/channel

It only does this if the channel name is only #
I have tested it to make sure the other rooms work. Any ideas on this? :P

Edit: When I do it just through mirc only without having my app send it through dde, it works. @_@

Another Edit: I tested it this way also through mirc only and it came up the same way. This is what I did.
/dde -e mIRC COMMAND /scid 1 msg $chr(25) hi

I also tried /dde -e mIRC COMMAND /scid 1 msg #test hi and that worked only on 6.35.

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