We have currently ON LOAD event that triggers the first time a script file is loaded.

However my suggestion is to add another event like ON SCRIPTLOAD that would be triggered at the same time as ON LOAD with the difference that it could be triggered in other scripts.

1) Script 1.mrc is loaded and is "listening" to ON SCRIPTLOAD events.
2) User will load 2.mrc
3) ON LOAD (within 2.mrc) and ON SCRIPTLOAD (globally) will be triggered.
4) Script 1.mrc can now do things that user wants to do in case additional scripts are loaded. Like halting the loading of the 2.mrc or loading it in different order etc...

Right now the only way I see to achieve this goal is to run a timer that would constantly check the number of loaded scripts, if it finds that there is additional script then loop through all loaded scripts comparing it against previously stored list of loaded scripts to see what was loaded (getting the name of the last script is obviously not enough because user can load the script into different position (/load -rsN))

Similarly it would then make sense to have ON SCRIPTUNLOAD event that will be globally accessible when script unloads.

Maybe its just me who finds it useful? I would be glad to hear what other people think about this suggestion.

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