Hmm. Weirdness that sort of annoyes me..
Check this out..

On my primary computer "//echo $uptime(system,1)" returns the (exact) same uptime as "/run cmd /k systeminfo | find "Up Time" " (I've checked, by executing 'em lines like simultaneously ^^).

However, when I try the same thing on my old Thinkpad laptop (1.2GHz P3), the $uptime appears slightly higher(!) than what systeminfo gives me (no big diff; but still a marginal ~30 secs!). Really odd, don't you think?

Now, my question, is there any logical explanation to this that any of you guys (who may know what 'em lines really fetches for 'behind the curtains') know of..?

This is one of those things that could nah me for days, weeks... mad wondering etc.. ;^


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