I'm trying to do a basic script that simply messages chanserv to reset a channel topic:

The code i've got as a menu item to do this is:

set #4-irc topic: /msg chanserv topic #4-irc Welcome To 4-IRC. This Room Is ENGLISH ONLY !! For All Other Languages Please Join #TheWorld | The 4-IRC Website Is Now Online As Well As The WebChat. Please Feel Free To Visit And Sign Up On http://www.4-IRC.Com

However, due to the pipes, it reads the code as seperate parts when it executes the script obviously, and errors partway through.

I'm wondering if there's any way to turn off that part of how mirc scripting works temporarily, then turn it back on afterwards?

At the moment, i'm going into the script editor, copying the code into the clipboard, then pasting it in the status window, which works, but when running it as a script, it doesn't for obvious reasons.

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