Related to this thread but they are likely two separate issues, so I'll post a new report.

When you type in an editbox with your mouse hovering over the active window's switchbar icon, CPU usage spikes in Windows 7 and typing becomes delayed and laggy.

* Notes:
- Reproducing this is not 100% consistent-- but if you try it a couple of times it should eventually occur.
- Aero probably needs to be on to reliably reproduce this (though I haven't tried without).

1. (Optional) open Task Manager and watch CPU usage
2. Click the switchbar to activate a new window (makes it easier to reproduce)- do not move the mouse after clicking
3. Type in the editbox (again, don't move the mouse) and you should notice unresponsiveness in typing and deleting text.
4. You might need to move your mouse on and off the switchbar button (but with the mouse still within the switchbar) to get this to start spiking.

mIRC 6.35 Windows 7 RTM build 7600 Aero on

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