Little problem. One of the words on the list is "mom". People are getting kicked when they say "moment". Obviously this makes sense, but how would you go about forcing the script to evaluate each word as a whole? Tokenizing, perhaps?

Edit: Okay, I came up with this. It's either batshit crazy or it works.

on *:text:*:#auroratest: {
  var %text = $1-
  tokenize 32 %text
  var %n3 = $numtok(%text,32)
  var %n = 1
  var %word = $+($,%n2)
  var %2n = 1
  while ($read(C:\IcyBot2\expletives.txt,n,%n)) {
    while (%n2 <= %numtok) {
      if ($v1 == %word) { 
        kick $chan $nick You said $read(C:\IcyBot2\kicks.txt,w,* $+ $v1 $+ *)
      inc %n
      inc %n2

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