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I'm wondering what you need this behaviour for? /reload does not trigger any special behaviour that would make it useful unless in the special case where you edit your script files outside of mIRC's script editor-- is this the case?

Yes; my bot is currently hosted on a server to which I only have FTP access to. I update the scripts on my own computer then upload it to the bot.

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I think it's only doing the one script because as soon as the current script (with the rehash alias) is reloaded, it starts over from square one.

Try this

Your guess is correct; my own code worked perfectly when I moved it to the aliases.ini file.

The only problem I had with your code was that it reloaded every file except the file where the code was located. :P I fixed it by adding .reload -rs $script after the while loop. It worked while in the remotes section after that so I thank you for it! smile

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