hey all,

I have been trying to slip stream my mIRC folder down a bit and I noticed that there are quite a few .hsh files. I have sorted out most of the .dll's and such, its just the hash table files.

On *:Start: {
  hmake ont
  hmake ond
  hmake ontond_targets
  hmake ontond_servers
  if ($isfile(ont.hsh)) hload -o ont ont.hsh
  if ($isfile(ond.hsh)) hload -o ond ond.hsh
  if ($isfile(ontond_targets)) hload -o ontond_targets ontond_targets.hsh
  if ($isfile(ond.hsh)) hload -o ontond_servers ontond_servers.hsh
  .enable #ontond_text
  .enable #ontond_action
  set %ontond_server off
  set %ontond_targets off

What is the best way to make them save to a folder ie "$mircdir/data/ond.hsh"

I have tried but nothing seems to work.