Thank you very much for catching that hixxy. I decided while I was fixing the regex since I couldn't see the code in your post because it was in a little code box that was so short I couldnt see the text that I would also get rid of the second www|ftp part. I hope I got the digit idea right, it did past testing so I'm sure its prolly exactly what you did. I think I'll use firefox next time I come here so that doesnt happen again.

I just got on the pc for the first time today so I will be looking at this more to see how else I can improve it like I said I would be trying to do in my earlier post.

Im sure you notice I use quote boxes for my code. They dont shrink to an unusable size on me like the text boxes. Very very strange.

I've gone to look for myself. If I should return before I get back, please keep me here.