I am trying to make a drop down combo box and when I click on a category it opens up the page in mIRC, I am just having trouble with the sclick code...

The combo box...
  combo 10, 10 41 40 100, drop

To populate the combo box...
alias view.cat {
  did -a connx 10 Computing
  did -a connx 10 City Chats
  did -a connx 10 Fun & Games
  did -a connx 10 General
  did -a connx 10 Interests
  did -a connx 10 Lifestyles
  did -a connx 10 News
  did -a connx 10 Peers
  did -a connx 10 Religion
  did -a connx 10 Roleplay
  did -a connx 10 Romance
  did -a connx 10 Sports
  did -a connx 10 Teens

What I want to happen on a click in the combo box is it will list the categories for that chat network.

The alias to open the categories is /_list

alias _list {
  var %dll = $+(",$mircdirdlls\nHTMLn_2.95.dll")
  var %cat = $+(http://www.network.net/category.php?cat=,$1)
  if ($window(@CHATRoomList)) { window -c @CHATRoomList }
  window -pk0 @CHATRoomList
  echo -a $dll(%dll,attach,$window(@CHATRoomList).hwnd)
  echo -a $dll(%dll,handler,_list.handler)
  echo -a $dll(%dll,navigate,%cat)

So e.g. to open the Computing category the alias is /_list CP, to open the City Chats category is /_list CC etc etc

I *think* it needs to look something like this...
on *:dialog:connx:sclick:10: { did -c connx 10 $computing $did(10) /_list CP }

But I am lost, I have tried a hundred different ideas, and nothing is working for me.

TIA for any help.