Ok, I've decided to put together a compilation of some different dialog improvement requests from various people here so that it's all in one topic. Please feel free to add more suggestions to this thread for dialogs. Hopefully some of it will be added at some point. Keep in mind that these are not all my suggestions and many of them have already been discussed in other topics that I'm pulling them from. And, yes, DCX and other DLLs can do much of this. There is no need to point that out. These are just suggestions people have for what they'd like built into mIRC's dialog options rather than having to rely on DLLs to do it.


  • The list/edit controls could be updated to support BURK codes.. in fact most of the controls could.. text, box, etc.
  • List/edit boxes could support more events; hscoll, vscroll. Dialogs and list/edit boxes could support file drag events (when you drag/drop a file onto them) < these are relatively easy to add.
  • More properties, for example we could have a $did() property to retrieve the first and last visible items in a listbox.
  • Adding, deleting and positioning controls on the fly.
  • Updating control styles on the fly.
  • Dialog control list should support tabs so that mIRC can provide column alignment in native code
  • Dialog IDs should allow text rather than just numbers
  • Allow full font control in dialogs (font type, color, size, bold/underline/italic, etc)- This would also help for unicode support.
    > These can be set up similar to how they work in picture windows.
  • Tooltips (not traytips) that pop up over items in a dialog to offer help.
  • A Richedit dialog control.
  • Allow dialog controls to be set up on multiple tabs rather than ALL or NONE. Sometimes you want the same control ID on 2 or 3 tabs, but not all of them. Currently, this means duplicating code and using multiple IDs.
  • Allow edit boxes to support an "Enter" style that will do something specific when someone hits Enter. Currently, if you want support for that, you need to use a button that is set to default. That's okay, but an Enter style that only triggers if the cursor is in the edit box that uses it would make things easier. This would require a new on DIALOG event of ENTER that can check the $did and do what the user wants.
  • Popups in dialogs.
    > These should probably only be allowed to be set up from within the dialog. Otherwise, you'll end up having lots of popup items from other dialogs all in one list, which wouldn't make sense.
I may add more later when I've had time to think about it more. In the meantime, feel free to add all other dialog suggestions that you have.

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