In my script i have a list of identifier names that are supposed to be used to process messages a user writes.
These identifiers fulfill purposed like nick-completion, replacing acronyms or replacing common typos.

To illustrate, i have this alias in the script:
; Applies a single input processor to the globally stored input text
alias _applyProcessor {
  %g_inputText = $( $+( $, $1, %OPEN_PARANTHESIS, %g_inputTarget, %COMMA, %g_inputText, %CLOSE_PARANTHESIS ), 2 )

I found it to be the best solution to take a string, turn it into an identifier and apply it.

Sadly it needs $eval() (or $()), which results in unwanted behavior. Namely, it will replace the #-sign with the current channel name.

I wonder how to get around that. And help ideas are appreciated wink