Hum.. I do not understand.

I'll explain exactly how I use this scripting.

I type /con in a blank mIRC status. Which connect me to accessIRC.. (..and join the channels I got preset.)

Then this code takes action..

 if ($network == AccessIRC) {
server -m   <---here it connect to EfNet..
join #br1
join #ddayhome
dal <---here it connect to DalNEt.. (via the alias below..)

This is the alias I got in aliases:
/dal /server -m

So, by typing /con .. I automatically enter everything. smile

3 servers, and a lot of channels. (Need not include the whole code, it is a mess..)

Anyways.. All I want is for the "if ($network == AccessIRC) {" script, to not trigger, if I am already connected to the other servers..

I am starting to think this is impossible though. But then again, it might just be a simple word I spell wrong, or use wrong, as usual.. laugh

Perhaps you can help me? wink

I do not speak English. I speak Norwegian. So please bear with my poor English spelling and grammar.