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I don't think the fact that it might or might not discourage people from looking in the help file is a very good reason not to include this feature.

I never said it shouldn't be included in mIRC. I wouldn't mind having it included. I only said that, 1) I don't think it really improves speed that much unless you don't know commands, and 2) using "completers" of any sort tends to keep people from taking the time to learn how to do things.

I think adding such things to mIRC's script editor to add more functionality to it is a good idea and I never meant that it isn't. I was only referring to the idea that using alternate scripting programs because of those reasons isn't necessarily as good as people make it out to be for the reasons I mentioned here and also, as I mentioned previously, you have to take the time to reload your script anytime you want to test it if you use some other editor, which can slow you down more than any features on the editor *might* speed you up... unless you never test until you are done, of course.

I also want to second the idea that improving the help file is also a good idea. And examples are probably the most important thing that the help file is lacking. There are examples for only some of the commands, and not enough examples even for most of those to really show how things work. That said, writing help files is a long and boring process and most people don't like doing so. I know, I've been slowly writing one for Invision and it is so tedious that I still haven't completed it.

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