Ok, I'm trying to change the messaging in this channel whenever somebody joins (yes I am a SOP and I have permission) but I'm having some troubles. As you can see "jetgolfer" has a message that appears "/me go recruit" and I was wondering how to move my "don't listen to jet" to below his statement and have it in the /me form rather than the way it appears like you can see it there. And obviously it's appearing too early on in the mix of messages there.

* Now talking in #Consilium
<Drai> don't listen to Jet
* Topic is 'Go Recruit (jetgolfer|Atlantis[DoM])'
* Set by Drai on Sun Nov 25 15:36:15
* ChanServ sets mode: +oa Drai Drai
* jetgolfer|Atlantis[DoM] go recruit

What I have so far is this:
on *:JOIN:#consilium: {

/msg $chan don't listen to Jet

Anyway, thanks for the help.