i find myself needing this quite often too :P i just make do with /findtext jaytea (which searches for 'jaytea' upwards and seeks to the first matching line). of course, this is enough for me because i just have one highlight entry.. but i can understand the need for such an inbuilt feature if your highlight list is long and complicated

one could try to make a snippet that uses /findtext with $highlight, $fline, etc. but it wouldn't be very functional due to certain mIRCscript inadequacies.. you can't return the current scrollbar position of a channel window, you can't seek to a specific line (without /findtext), you can't (immediately) find a line of a certain color

here's a couple of simple aliases i just added, inspired by this suggestion ;D

alias f2 findtext -n jaytea
alias f3 findtext jaytea

f2 searches downwards, f3 searches upwards

"The only excuse for making a useless script is that one admires it intensely" - Oscar Wilde