Regex is indeed the best way to do that. However, I'd need a lot more addresses to text it out on. With the limited number from above, I'm very hesitant that I'd be able to ban 100% of the bots like that.

Instead, I'd suggest a clone checker for the channel.

on @*:JOIN:#: {
 var %clonemask = $address($nick,2)
 if  $ialchan(%clonemask,$chan,0) > 2 {
  mode $chan +b %clonemask
  var %i = 1
  while $ial(%clonemask,%i).nick != $null {
  if $ial(%clonemask,%i).nick ison $chan {  kick $chan $ial(%clonemask,%i).nick }
   inc %i

If someone comes on and then that person has two clones come on, it'll trigger the script to ban all the clones from that ISP.

If you give me more data (as much as you have, preferably) I can write a tighter Regex and ban them that way instead.

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